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Here to Help: Emergency Spill Response

Here to Help: Emergency Spill Response

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From spill containment, recovery, site delineation, remediation plan development, remediation, and closeout reporting, we offer complete management of environmental concerns in the oil and gas industry.

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We are here to clean up spills that endanger people and the environment. Trust us to take care of it.


Don’t risk health and safety with exposure to hazardous waste: let us be a line of defense for any kind of chemical spill, including acid impacted soils.



We deal with spills of crude oil, refined petroleum products and condensate. Let us help you find the quickest path to containment and recovery.



Accidental spills of gas are flammable and toxic. Get professional clean-up services. We can also provide remediation for diesel, gasoline, motor oils and hydraulic oils.



Produced Water spills can be the most costly to your company, and most detrimental to the environment. Our techniques are both cost-effective and proven.


Soil Testing

Determine the health and fertility of your soil. Our soil testing will identify deficiencies and pH levels that optimize health.


Per the EPA, every well site must have a spill plan. Our plans include an inspection, contingency plan and spill plan.


Per the DEQ reports must be submitted electronically via the DEQ Online Filing System. We upload your Tier II rapidly so local fire departments are aware of the chemical on your well site in case of an emergency


Our heated power washing unit is ready to handle any job be it a location wash down or keeping line thawed out during the winter


We can handle any of your non-hazardous waste hauling with 24 hours


24 hours a day and 365 days a year our emergency response Trailers and personnel are ready to deploy


Grant Raney

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Matt Melot

VP - Operations
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Grant Raney

Email: grant@environmentalimpact.us

Grant Raney is co-founder and CEO of Environmental Impact Solutions. Mr. Raney is also co-owner of Impact Energy Operating, a top 100 producer in Oklahoma. Being an operator himself, Mr. Raney recognized the need for an alternative environmental remediation company to the choices that are currently available. In addition to his oil and gas background, Mr. Raney also comes from a family that has owned land since before statehood and understands the balance of respecting the land from both a surface and underground perspective and leaving it better for the next generation.

Matt Melot

VP - Operations
Email: matt@environmentalimpact.us

Mr. Melot is a founding team member of Environmental Impact Solutions and has over 11 years in the environmental industry. Mr. Melot started his career as a field technician where he learned all aspects of the business and over time worked his way to the top of his organization. Matt has overseen all aspects of oil and gas environmental projects. Matt specializes in working with the local site and business unit environmental departments to manage and direct short-term monitoring and remediation projects related to soil contamination as well as developing remediation plans, and cost proposals based on the client’s individual needs. With his vast knowledge of the industry, Matt often works directly with senior management teams to inform and advise them about compliance status and issues and potential risks and liabilities. Matt is a lifelong learner and regularly participates in industry environmental initiatives/programs to identify industry trends and best practices as well as enhance industry environmental performance. Prior to starting his career in the environmental industry, Matt and his family ran a hunting and fishing club where they taught Oklahoma City residents the importance of respecting nature through hunting and fishing.

Michael Gumbs

VP - Business Development
Email: Michael.gumbs@environmentalimpact.us

Michael Gumbs is Vice President for Business Development at Environmental Impact Solutions. With more than a decade in the industry, Michael has spent most of his career in land with a focus on negotiations and acquisitions. Companies are built on relationships and building relationships is one of Mr. Gumbs greatest passions. Prior to starting his career in the environmental industry, Mr. Gumbs worked for some of the nation’s leading land brokerages such as Vernon L. Smith and Associates and Reagan Resources. Mr. Gumbs has a bachelors in Spanish from Oklahoma State University and is a Registered Landman through the American Association of Professional landmen. He currently serves on the Legislative and Regulatory Committee for AAPL and is the Public Relations Chairman for the Oklahoma City Association of Professional Landmen.

Emergency Oil Spill Response Services

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Our team of field personnel is extremely capable of providing a response and can set in motion a containment and recovery plan that will limit the environmental impact of releases, in turn saving you money. Our team of professionals always follow the strictest safety guidelines. With years of experience, our managers can determine an appropriate sample plan to delineate any impacted area, giving you the most accurate cost estimate for remediation.
Upon project completion, we will provide a final report containing a detailed write up of steps taken, pre and post-photos, site map, and all sample reports, leaving you with a deliverable report to any state or federal agencies.

We Plant Trees

Environmental Impact Solutions has partnered with One Tree Planted for 2021 to plant up to 100 trees with each job that we do for our clients.

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100 Trees and Counting...

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