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Whether its a big spill in a water way or soil tilling for a small spill

We can handle it.

Environmental Impact Solutions (“EIS”) was founded to be that missing link between operators and landowners. The founders of EIS are a top 100 producer in Oklahoma but also come from a family of generational farmers and ranchers that have owned land since before statehood. EIS recognizes the importance of providing an affordable service for operators but also delivering a service that leaves the land better for the next generation.

Please reach out to us for your environmental needs. We look forward to working with you.


Grant Raney


Grant Raney is co-founder and CEO of Environmental Impact Solutions. Mr. Raney is also co-owner of Impact Energy Operating, a top 100 producer in Oklahoma. Being an operator himself, Mr. Raney recognized the need for an alternative environmental remediation company to the choices that are currently available. In addition to his oil and gas background, Mr. Raney also comes from a family that has owned land since before statehood and understands the balance of respecting the land from both a surface and underground perspective and leaving it better for the next generation.

Matt Melot

VP - Operations

Mr. Melot is a founding team member of Environmental Impact Solutions and has over 11 years in the environmental industry. Mr. Melot started his career as a field technician where he learned all aspects of the business and over time worked his way to the top of his organization. Matt has overseen all aspects of oil and gas environmental projects. Matt specializes in working with local site and business unit environmental departments to manage and direct short-term monitoring and remediation projects related to soil contamination as well as developing remediation plans, and cost proposals based on the client’s individual needs. With his vast knowledge of the industry, Matt often works directly with senior management teams to inform and advise them about compliance status and issues and potential risks and liabilities. Matt is a life long learner and regularly participates in industry environmental initiatives/programs to identify industry trends and best practices as well as enhance industry environmental performance.Prior to starting his career in the environmental industry, Matt and his family ran a hunting and fishing club where they taught Oklahoma City residents the importance of respecting nature through hunting and fishing.

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